Iced Finger Buns

We couldn't resist creating an unbeatable classic.

  • Intermediate
  • 25+ Mins
  • Serves 12

Vanilla Cupcakes

Ready in under 35 minutes and topped with irresistible Ta-Da! icing

  • Easy
  • 35 Mins
  • Serves 12

Vanilla Birthday Cake

Deliciously covered with Ta-Da! Madagascan Vanilla Icing!

  • Intermediate
  • 50-55 Mins
  • Serves 10

Blueberry Chelsea Buns

Combining sweet and savoury to make the perfect Chelsea Buns.

  • Intermediate
  • 90 Mins
  • Serves 8

Born out of 115 years of baking know-how

We want to share our expert baking knowledge with the nation. Bringing you full-proof baking mixes to create joyous Ta-Da! moments, baked into memories.

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