Powering the baking world since 1904

Now inspiring Ta-Da!® moments in your kitchen

How we came to be

We’re not new to baking. In fact, far from it - our roots began well over a century ago and we’re thrilled to pack all these years of know-how into a brand that we don’t just say, but sing - Ta-Da!®
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We’re on a mission

Quite simply - to make baking great for everyone and create Ta-Da!® Moments you’ll remember. For us, baking is so much more, it’s the moments you spend crafting delicious treats and the moments you reveal your finest creation - those #tadamoments

Our Brand Values

Our long history of baking know-how goes beyond simply great tasting ingredients. We want to do more, bring people together and create unforgettable moments.

1Baking for all

Whether it’s your first or best bake, Ta-Da! will fuel your creativity, empowering people to push the boundaries of what is possible.

2Baking community

We believe sharing ideas in the best way to breed creativity and empower consumers.

3Baking for good

We care about the planet we live in. That’s why our packaging is recyclable.

The muscle behind the moments

The chances are you won’t have heard of Bakels – but we’ve been powering the professional baking world for well over a century!

Inspiring Bakery business is what we do best and it’s this know-how which goes into all the Ta-Da!® products.

A bit about Bakels


2000+ ingredients

You name it, we probably make it!

40 Bakels companies

Spanning 5 continents and 7 languages.

2,750+ in Bakels team

Happy team, nurtured by a family culture

Supply 120+ countries

Ingredients loved and trusted across the world

Dutch roots

Our story first began in the heart of Amsterdam in 1904

We love bakery ingredients

This drives our passion for quality and care

Did you know?

We’ve pulled together some interesting facts about what we do at Bakels and this is just in the UK!

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